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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Entering the world of Large Format (Film) Photography

In order to generate large prints, one seeks greater quality and control. To this end, I've purchased a 4x5 Large Format Film setup.

Horseman Monorail View Camera with secondary bag bellows allowing complete movements of both the front and rear standards
Maxwell Precision Optical Bright Ground Glass
Calumet Caltar-S II 150mm (Rebranded Schneider Symmar-S f/5.6) - equivalent to 45mm in 35mm equivalent when cropped to 3:2. 43mm uncropped.
Schneider Super Angulon 72mm XL f/5.6 - equivalent to 22mm in 35mm equivalent when cropped to 3:2. 20mm uncropped.
Markins Q3 Ballhead - Smooth, very lightweight, very strong. This ballhead has been purely a joy to work with using both 35mm and 4x5 cameras.

Sync @ 1/500

Film: Kodak EPP/160VC are the two standards, but I've switched over almost exclusively to Kodak's Ektar 100.

Note: Equivalent focal lengths are calculated based upon a crop factor of 3.3. This is derived from the measurements of 35mm @ 36mm x 24mm and 4x5 @ 4.68 inches x 3.12 inches (cropped).

While preliminary results are that the quality far surpasses my 35mm Digital setup given sufficient light and setup time, it has not gotten the use it deserves. Part of this is that I still haven't reconciled myself to film having started with digital - I much prefer to be able to confirm the shot immediately rather than waiting until the film comes back from the processor. The other side is that every shot works out to $5 (film and processing, no scanning costs included). While this isn't truly prohibitive, it does inhibit me personally more than it should.

Perhaps this will change this year?

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