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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Gear list, and why I have it

An In-Progress List

Many people will list their gear either in their signatures on forums or in a list.

This post has two purposes for me: One is simply to have the list all together, and the other is to enumerate the reasons why I own these items. In other words, what I use them for. If I have anything on this list that I cannot come up with reasons for, I really shouldn't keep it, should I?

Camera Gear:
Canon 5D II w/ grip and EG-S focusing screen
Canon Rebel XSi w/ grip
Canon 24-70 F2.8L
Canon 70-200 F2.8L IS II
Canon 60 F2.8 Macro - for sale.
Canon 100 F2.8L IS Macro
Canon 50 F1.8 - There is no reason for me to have this lens, but it would sell used for so little that I haven't gotten around to selling it.

Horseman L-frame 4x5
Schneider 72mm F5.6 XL
Schneider 150mm F5.6
Sekonic L-758 Light Meter

Manfrotto 055ProXB Tripod - Horizontal center column is useful for studio work, decent enough tripod overall.
Markins Q3 Ballhead
Manfrotto 804RC2 3-Way Head

Lighting Gear:
2 Canon 580EXII Speedlites
Honl 1/8" Grid
Cameron Macro Ringflash - unused: for sale.

3 Paul C. Buff Einstein 640ws Monolights
2 Opus 150ws Monolights - unused for months: for sale.
Paul C. Buff ABR800 320ws Ringflash - utterly unused: for sale.
30" and 56" Moon Unit for PCB Ringflash: for sale along with the ABR800
2 8.5" Reflectors w/ grids

84" Octobox
48" Octobox - Unused now for some time: sell
2 PCB 47" Octoboxes w/ grids
2 PCB 10x36" Stripboxes w/ grids
PCB Beauty Dish w/ grids
PCB Retro Laser Reflector
2 PCB 86" PLM Parabolic Umbrellas
PCB 64" Parabolic Umbrella

3 Manfrotto 307 13' Stacker Light Stands
Manfrotto 5001B Nano Stand
2 Umbrella Swivels with Stroboframe coldshoe clamps
2 40" Extension Grip Arms
4 Manfrotto 035 Super Clamps
Cameron Boom Stand
Manfrotto 087NWB & Red Wing Boom setup

3 PCB CST Triggers
3 PCB CSRB+ Receivers
PCB VagabondII
2 PCB Vagabond Mini Lithiums

Opus Background Stand kit
107" Background Seamless Paper in White, Black, Dark Gray - Ceiling mounted on Manfrotto's Expan system which has made my life much easier.
Muslin in Medium Blue/Gray

ThinkTank Logistics Manager (fits the 4x5, all the bodies and lenses as well as a couple 580EXIIs).
KATA PALMS-3 Lighting Bag
KATA 3N1-30 Sling/Backpack Bag

Printing Gear:
Canon iPF8100 44" 12-Pigment Large Format Printer
Canon Pro9000 13" 8-Dye Printer - Infrequently used, but nice for making small prints
X-rite i1Xtreme calibration and profiling kit
NEC 2690Wuxi2 Wide-Gamut Hardware-Calibratable monitor
Rotatrim M24 Rotary Trimmer
Fuji Q4 Gold Turbine and Spray gun system - excellent for applying varnish to canvas

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